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About Cone and Plate Viscometer

Most of Paint and Coatings Are Non-Newtonian Fluids, Its Viscosity Would Show Typical Changes When Applied with Roller, Brush or Spray Gun Under High Shear Rates. BGD 159 Series Cone and Plate Viscometers Designed by Iso 2884, Astm D 4287 and Bs 3900, Can Offer from 10,000s to 12,000s Shear Rates.

Features of Cone and Plate Viscometer

  • 7 inch touch screen with powerful human-computer interactive interface and rich information, easy to operate
  • Interchangeable cones, simple to install and easy to clean
  • Choice of shear rate. Standard speeds include 750 and 900 rpm to provide shear rate at 10,000 sec .
  • only need a small sample amount (< 1 mL), simplifies testing
  • Build-in PT100 temp. Probe
  • ARM chip processor and Gigabit Ethernet port ensure higher data processing speed and rapid& stable data transfer
  • New designed durable axle, anti-static shell, and metal lifter
  • Come with heating and temp. control system can set sample plate temperature from -5 to120 or RT+5 to 300 2°C
  • Variety of viscosity units and auto-switch between dynamic and kinematic viscosity
  • Calibration by user: temperature and correction factor protected by password.

How to choose your suitable Viscometer?

1. Specify one speed or shear rate if this is required for your method.
2. Indicate viscosity range.
3. Select the temperature range that best suits your application: -5 to120 L Type or RT+5 to 300 H Type
4. Choose from 10 cones for multiple viscosity ranges