Automatic Flash Point Tester Supplier and Dealer in India

Automatic Flash Point Tester

BGD 240 Automatic Flash Point Tester is designed by rapid equilibrium closed cup method. It can rapidly test flash point Bof coating, paint (water-based paint), varnish, lacquer base, adhesive, solvent, Fatty acid methyl ester FAME ,
chemical reagent, flavor, spices, solid chemical products, viscous chemical products, air fuel oil, petroleum and related

Characters of Automatic Flash Point Tester

  • Can detect the flash point at a specific temperature between -35 C and 100 C BGD 240/1 or RT to 300 C BGD
    240/2 at average rate heating.
  • All functions are achieved through the touched screen.
  • Built in two test procedures: rapid balanced mode and average rate heating mode
  • Planning board action, the decline of the ignition, the detection of flash point is done automatically.
  • A voice is prompted to user at each operation, at the end of the test there will be voice prompts, too.
  • The gas ignition sources can be provided directly by the laboratory, you can also use the portable butane gas tank.
  • Built-in cooling module is used to shorten the cooling time between the two tests.
  • Amend barometric pressure automatically