Wet Film Comb Thickness Gauges Supplier and Dealer in India

Wet Film Comb Thickness Gauges

The Wet Film Thickness Gauges are made of a comb-shaped design with precision cut gaps to determine the coating Tthickness by placing vertically onto a wet coated substrate. it is a corrosion-resistant stainless steel with a hole at the top
comer so that a string not supply can be attached for hooking.

All Wet Film Thickness Gauges are machined by high precision CNC and with less than 3 micron devitation. They come
standard with 10 gaps or more with inscriptions of the thickness at the side of each gap. It is recommended to replace a new
gauge if there are chips, crack or uneven at the gap s of the gauge.

Ordering Information:

  • BGD 531/1 10 μm-100 μm (Stainless steel, @10 μm)
  • BGD 531/2: 20 μm-200 µm (Stainless steel, @20 μm)
  • BGD 531/3: 50 μm-750 μm (Stainless steel, @25 µm/@50 µm)
  • BGD 531/4: 250 μm-700 μm (Stainless steel, @50 μm)
  • BGD 531/5: 50 μm-950 μm (Stainless steel, @100 μm)
  • BGD 531/6: 300 μm-2600 µm (Stainless steel, Quadrilateral @25 μm/100 μm
  • BGD 531/7: 25 μm-3,000 μm (Stainless steel, Hexagon )
  • BGD 531/11 0.2mils-6mils (Aluminum, Hexagon, Min.order 1,000pcs )
  • BGD 531/12: 1mils-80mils (Aluminum, Rectangle, Min.order≥1,000pcs)