Spectrophotometer Supplier and Dealer in India


BGD 558 series spectrophotometer is a high-tech product independently developed by BIUGED with our own intellectual Bproperty rights. It is a kind of powerful functions spectrophotometer with stable performance and high accuracy, and is in the leading position in the field of portable spectrophotometer. Widely used in the fields of coatings, plastic, electronics, paints, inks, ceramics, textile, garment, printing and dyeing, paper, automobile, medical, cosmetics, food industries, scientific research institutions, school and laboratories.

Under the condition of d/8 geometrical optical illumination recommended by CIE, spectrophotometer can accurately measure the SCI and SCE reflectivity data of samples (including fluorescent samples). In a variety of color spaces, we can accurately measure and express various color difference formulas and color indices. With the help of this instrument, the operator can easily realize the accurate transmission of color, and can also be used as the detection equipment of the precise color matching system. The instrument is equipped with high-end color management software, which can be directly connected to computer to achieve more functional expansion. The instrument is also widely used in the quality control of color difference of various products.

Spectrophotometer Features

  • Aesthetic design perfectly combined with ergonomics structure.
  • d/8 geometrical optics structure, comply with CIE No.15 ISO7724/1, ASTM E1164, DIN5033 standards.
  • Applied combined LED light source with high life and low power consumption.
  • 8mm aperture, suitable for more samples; can measure SCI and SCE at the same time;
  • High electronic hardware configuration: 3.5 inch TFT true color capacitive touch screen, concave grating, 256 pixel dual array
    CMOS detector, etc.
  • USB communication mode, more adaptable;
  • The standard white board with abilities of super wear-resistant, stain-resistant and stable performance.
  • Large storage capacity, can save more than 10000 test data.
  • Two standard observer perspectives, multiple light sources modes, a variety of color systems, conform to a variety of
    standard chroma indexes, meet the needs of various customers for color measurement;
  • Camera view locating system, help to position fast, simply and conveniently.
  • PC software with powerful extension functions.