Rotational viscometers Supplier and Dealer in India

Rotational viscometers

Depending on the method, from traditional scale readings to scientifically defined geometries, rotational viscometers apply
controlled stress to the material under test using defined operating conditions. The resulting data can then be plotted as a function of the selected criteria.

We provide extended information, as the product under test is submitted to variable stress conditions, depending on the
spindle design.

Units are expressed in P (Poise) , or cP (mPa.s) , or converted into other scales. i.e. Krebs units or torque. Single-speed instruments equipped with rotor, ball, or vane spindle such as the Krebs Viscometers, Rotothinner, or Gel Strength Tester are commonly used world wide by numerous industries to instantly evaluate the flow behavior according to
conventional scale.

Multi-speed viscometers equipped with different spindle sizes offer flexible investigations and cover a wider range of
applications. They operate with variable dynamic stress and shear rates and can also be configured for absolute
measurements, when available, depending on the specific spindle geometry. Biuged has enough experience for measuring different fluids viscosity. We produce many different types viscometers to meet with different fields and different customers requirements. For some of visocometers, users can choose software to analyise the sample’s viscosity characteristics.