Rolling Wheel Wet Film Thickness Gauges Supplier and Dealer in India

Rolling Wheel Wet Film Thickness Gauges

The Rolling Wheel Wet Film Thickness Gauge has long been the standard for measuring wet film thickness in the coatings industry.(U.S.Patent No.3, 128,558)

The gauge consists of an eccentric inner wheel, supported by two large outer concentric wheel. At a specific point, the inner wheel touches and picks up wet film when the gauge is rolled on the coated surface. The critical clearance may be read on a rotating scale.The scale value are casted on 1 side.

Biuged offer three basic models in various ranges. All models have an accuracy of 2.5 m 0.0001 in or 2.5% full scale,
whichever is greater.

Main Technical Parameters

Dimensions: 50 (0) x 15 (H) mm@2mm path
Weight: approx.177g
Ordering Information
BGD 532/1 0-100 μm (@5 μm)
BGD 532/2 0-200 μm (@10μm)
BGD 532/3 0-500 μm (@25 μm)
BGD 532/4 0-1,000 μm (@50 μm)