Padding Mangle
  • Patch technology is employed in both the main control panel and micro-step driver, and the state-of-the-art microprocessor is incorporated in the circuit design.
  • The full range and linearity of each grade are all calibrated through a PC interface, and the measuring capability and functions of this instrument have achieved state-of-the-art performance.
  • AC Adaptor 100V- 240V

Programmable Digital Viscometer

This programmable viscometer is the most universal viscometer in the world. It is a great favorite of customers for the high cost-performance. It offers state-of-the-art functions and performances in-line with similar styles of meters and features a backlit LCD digital display, 16 bit micro-computer and a highly accurate stepper motor. The meter is stable and accurate in motion, programmable in design and easy to use.

Other Features

  • It will give a warning when the torque is out of 10% to 90% of the measuring range.o
  • The RTD temperature probe can monitor and measure viscosity and temperature to the nearest 0.1 C in real-time. The o The temperature range of measurement is 0 C to 100 C.
  • Viscosity, shear rate, shear stress, rotary speed, temperature, per cent torque, serial number of the spindle and the maximum viscosity that can be measured at the current rotary speed of the selected spindle are displayed directly on the screen.
  • Data can be printed via an RS232 interface with the printing interval set by users according to their own demand. The bidirectional RS232 interface allows communication with computer, programming and data acquisition.
  • Through the optional BGD 1606 Program control and off-line software, customized measurement programs can be downloaded to the instrument for automated and individual operating.
  • The optional rheological characteristic software enables functions such as computer-automated operation, data acquisition and analysis, data storage, and historical data comparison.