Precise Rub Resistance Tester

BGD 632 Precise Rub Resistance Tester is designed and manufactured according to ASTM D 5264 and TAPPI T 830. It is applicable in abrasion resistance tests of printed materials like labels, folding cartons, corrugated boxes, inserts, circulars, and other packaging materials having applied graphics on a flat substrate. It can help users to analyze the affairs of lower abrasion assistance, ink layer falling-off, lower printable of PS boards, and rigidity of coating layers of other products
  • Applicable in dry or wet rubbing or scuffing, wet bleed, transfer, wet smear and functional tests.
  • Arc moving model, double testing station, high efficiency
  • Manifold speeds, convenient and flexible.
  • Micro computer controls, film front control panel
  • LCD displays testing data
  • Function of memory when power off, buzzer prompts automatically when the test is finished.
  • By test, controls production technique efficiently, avoids loss of goods returns caused by bad quality.
  • The specimen’s coating and receptor rub each other under specified speed and pressure load. Determine the abrasion of the coating or ink layer by testing the decrement of coating concentration or decrement of coating thickness