Precise Digital Overhead Stirrer Supplier and Dealer in India

Padding Mangle
  • Close case can prevent liquid to splash into the machine and lead to corrosion to circuit.
  • With back light LCD or LED display screen show fact speed, set speed or torque.
  • RS 232 interface can connect computer for controlling stirrer and recorder rotate ( For 702 & 704 ) .

BGD 701 Precise Digital Overhead Stirrer

These newest stirrers are of the highest quality. The core a direct current brushless motor is explosion-proof and overcomes the disadvantages of traditional stirrers. The stirrers can operate under high load for an extended period of time without any need for maintenance.


  • Direct current motor without brush, work silently and no need maintenance. Whole machine is explosion-proof.
  • Indicator of over load, stop automatically when over-load. Individual safe circuit design, protect motor automatically under
    unexceptional situation.
  • High axis concentricity, start and work steadily, can prevent sample spill over; Adjust torque automatically according to the
    sample viscosity.
  • International safety certification get CE, cTUV us and FCC safety certification issued by German TUV company.