Precise Analytical Balance Supplier and Dealer in India

Padding Mangle
  • Electric magnetic force balanced principle
  • Auto zero-tracking
  • Dynamic temperature compensation
  • Zero in range ability
  • LCD display
  • Function of piece counting
  • Over-loading warning
  • RS232 communication
  • Unit conversion g oz ct kg lb

Precise Analytical Balance

  • High-sensitivity electric magnetic force balanced principle for ultra resolution
  • Built-in dual-weight balanced calibration technology for ultra accuracy
  • Digital multi-point linear calibration, which is convenient for balance calibration
  • Internal weight calibration technology, which is convenient for periodical calibration and adjustment without
    dismantling the balance
  • Pillar-free transparent glass draft shields for comfortable operation with enlarged weighting space
  • Advanced design with SMT and switch power supply technology, which reduces the dimensions of the
    rear sensor, and leads to a compact appearance of the balance
  • Six-key integrated display panel for easy operation Big handles for easy movement