Laboratory Winch Dyeing Machine Supplier and Dealer in India

Laboratory Winch Dyeing Machine


  • Dyeing is carried out in relaxed conditions with minimum tension on the fabric.
  • There is no distortion to the fabric structure.
  • Texture, handle & luster of fabric is retained.
  • Detachable reel arrangement for easy insertion of hank.
  • Special arrangement is provided for making all additions.
  • Inspection window for viewing the process.
  • Microprocessor controller programmer PC-2 for automation control.
  • Laboratory Winch – N has many applications. It is very useful to dyers as well as manufacturers of dyestuffs and auxiliaries
  • This tabletop model of Laboratory Winch is a compact machine for the processing of hanks as well as a small meter age of knitted & lightweight delicate woven fabrics.
  • The machine is suitable for wet processing operations such as desiring, scouring, bleaching, dyeing, washing off and softening
  • All types of fabrics that can withstand creasing in rope from processing, can be dyed in the machine under atmospheric conditions. Dyeing is carried out in a relaxed state with minimum tension on fabrics. It is also an ideal machine for resuming and dyeing silk samples.


Material of construction :SS 316 quality.
Maximum liquor capacity :9 Ltr.
Heating :Electrical heating
Winch speed :For AC drive: 17 +- RPM.
Electrical supply :230 V, Single phase, 15 AMP
Power requirement2 KW.0
Dyeing temperature (Max.) :Up-to 95 C.


  • Making of shade cards.
  • Testing quality of yarn or fabric.
  • Testing of dyes and auxiliaries.
  • Finalizing the recipe for the production dyeing machine.
  • For dyeing 2-3 meters of fabric for designing a sample garment.