Padding Mangle
  • Digitally set, temperature and Humidity controller with direct digital readout in temperature and percentage RH
  • Low-pressure Boiler to generate steam for chamber humidification. Well-balanced refrigeration system
  • Double-walled construction inner chamber S. S. and outside of Mild steel beautifully powder coated
  • The chamber is provided with modular removable shelves made of S. S. for complete flexibility in use

Laboratory Conditioning Chamber (Stability Chamber)

offered to find applications in creating ideal conditions for Industrial component/product research as well as for Biotechnical specification tests. Featuring the use of accurate as well as reliable chambers for long-term high temperature as well as RH testing applications, these are made available in the temperature range of 10*C to 60*C with an accuracy of +/- 0.2 *C. These also feature a relative humidity range of 35% RH to 95% RH with an accuracy of +/- 1.5% RH. Here, a positive vertical air circulation also helps in ensuring uniformity in temperature and RH.


  • Creating ideal conditions for Industrial component/product research and Biotechnical specification test.
  • Most accurate and reliable chamber for long-term high temperature and RH testing
  • Temp. range 10 *C to 60 *C with an accuracy +/- 0.2 *C & resolution of 0.1*C
  • Relative humidity range 35% RH to 95% RH with an accuracy +/- 1.5% RH & resolution of 1.
  • A positive vertical air circulation ensures temperature and RH uniformity
  • A key lockable insulated door having a positive door gasket seals doors perfectly
  • Control panel mounted on the top of the unit
  • It work on 230 volts A. C. only