Hand Proofer Supplier and Dealer in India

BGD 220 Hand Proofer

Each Biuged Hand Proofer mainly includes a rubber transfer roll and a spring-adjustable mechanically engraved anilox roll Pyrimid type/surface is hard chrome plated . It gives customers more options for testing ink on polyethylene, cellophane, glassine, metallic foils, plastic films, paper and paperboard. Moreover, what you see on the proof is what you’ll print on press. Since proofer rolls are available in a full range of screens to duplicate your press requirements, you can make any changes in ink or screen before you get to the press room!

How to produce a sample proof

  • Prepare a flat, clean sheet of the stock to be used.
  • Adjust the anilox roller against the rubber roller by gradually turning the single vernier knob at the base of the hand proofer. A spring mechanism inside the handle makes it simple to position the rollers to get just the right amount of pressure.
  • Put about 1/2 teaspoon of ink in the nip, rest the rubber roller on the stock, and draw the hand proofer toward you, smoothly and evenly.