Laboratory Winch Dyeing Machine

Padding Mangle

GBN701 Face Mask Air Flow Resistance and Differential Pressure Tester


Used for face mask airflow resistance and differential pressure testing to check breathability and can also be used to check differential pressure of textile materials gas exchanger.


YY0469-2011, YY0969-2013


The output of the airflow is set by a gas flow meter, the airflow passes through a certain area of the test sample, the current pressure is detected by a pressure sensor, and the pressure difference is calculated.
Gas SourceCompressed Air
Air FlowAdjustable 1 - 10L/min, (Standard Air Flow 8L/min)
Sample SizeФ25mm
Differential Pressure Sensor Range0~500Pa
Display ModeTouch Screen
Power Supply220V, 50Hz


  • Equipped with special sample grip, easy to use.
  • Built-in HD touch screen.
  • Built-in micro printer, easy to print test results.
  • Equipped with high-precision differential pressure sensor, digitally display the pressure difference between the two sides of the sample;
  • Test time can be adjusted according to test requirements