GBH-3 Multifunctional Tensile Tester for Face Mask Supplier and Dealer in India

Padding Mangle

GBH-3 Multifunctional Tensile Tester for Face Mask

To test the tensile strength, peeling strength, heat sealing strength, tearing strength, and piercing strength of plastic film, composite film, tape, soft packaging material, rubber sheets, paper, non-woven fabrics and other packaging materials


GB 19083-2010,YY0469-2011,GB 2626-2006,YY/T0969-2013,YY/T0681.13-2014,GB/T32610-2016


  • Flexible and various interfaces and control methods, which can be used for multiple tests such as stretching, peeling, heat sealing, tearing, puncture, compression, bending, shearing, etc., setting of multiple parameters such as speed, thickness, and pinch.
  • High measurement accuracy, the test measurement accuracy can reach 0.5 grade.
  • The whole process is controlled by a computer, and the test is displayed online after the test. It can automatically perform data storage, data analysis and comparison functions, curve overlay recording functions, online printing functions, and arbitrary zoom functions.
  • The full digital control system cooperates with the imported AC servo system and motor to control the zero displacement.
  • High-precision ball screw loading, stable loading, long testing machine life, long-term stability and energy saving.
  • Load/deformation measurement: With multiple sub-channels, it supports extended measurement of multiple sensors.
  • Wide speed range, suitable for high and low-speed tests.
  • Open data structure, whether it is result parameters or process data, allows users to call randomly, users are very convenient. Self-editing report function, the data can be easily imported into an Excel table for easy post-processing.
  • Control and measurement unit can choose the built-in type (simple appearance, save space) and external type (easy to upgrade, maintain and operate separately from the computer).
  • Have perfect limit protection, overload protection, emergency stop and other safety protection functions. Make the test run safe and reliable.
  • A High sampling rate (100 times/second), makes the test data more accurate.
  • The core uses imported parts, which are more accurate and more durable
  • Double-column table structure, beautiful and elegant, good rigidity.
  • Optional pneumatic fixture, suitable for a variety of fixtures.