GB-ZR10 Facial Mask Flame Retardant Tester Supplier and Dealer in India

Padding Mangle

GB-ZR10 Facial Mask Flame Retardant Tester


GB-ZR10 is mainly used to test the combustion performance of a mask after it contacts the flame at a certain linear speed. It is a special test instrument for the flame retardancy of a mask.


GB 19083-2010, YY 0469-2011, GB 2626-2006, BS EN 136-1998, GB 19083-2003
Items Technical Parameters
Head mold automatic movement linear speed(60±5)mm/s
Flame height40±4mm
Flame at height from top of burner(20±2)mm
Flame at temperature from the top of the burner(800±50)℃
Distance between the top of the burner and the lowest point of the mask(20±2)mm
Burner height≤30mm
Metal die wall thickness2~3mm
Afterflame time and smolder time timer0~9999.9s(±0.1s)
Working powerAC220V, 50Hz, 50W
  • PLC + touch screen control system; make the test more convenient, operation and visualization.
  • The mask fixture is a metal human head mould, which can fully simulate the actual use of the mask.
  • Burner height is adjustable.
  • Burner positioning automatically
  • Burning time and flame retardant time are automatically recorded and displayed digitally.
  • Equipped with flame temperature measuring probe and flame temperature display.
  • Automatic control system, automatic ignition.
  • The burner is equipped with a combustible gas interface such as propane (liquefied gas).
  • Automatic timing, automatic storage of test data, easy-to-retrieve experimental reports.
  • Equipped with flame temperature measurement and detection therm couple