Density Specific Gravity Cups Supplier and Dealer in India

Density Specific Gravity Cups

The density of a coating should remain constant from batch to batch. Also known as Density Specific Gravity Cups. TSpecific Gravity Cups are used to determine the specific weight per unit volume of a liquid at a given temperature.

A stainless steel precision instrument for determining the specific weight of paints and similar products. A tolerance of 0.1%
is guaranteed. Testing is carried out in accordance with ISO at 23 2 This instrument consists of a cylindrical container and cover with a hole for exhaust of excess liquid for any excess Paint or Ink to be removed when the cup cover is pressed tightly. Doing so will also ensure that no air bubbles or pockets of air are being trapped. It is in according with DIN 53217, ISO 2811-1, BS 3900 A19. And each density cup comes with a Calibration Certificate.


  • Weigh the cleaned and empty density cup and record weight
  • Temper density cup and test liquid (23 C 0.5 C)
  • Fill density cup
  • Put cover on without tilting
  • Avoid air bubbles
  • Remove overflowing liquid carefully with absorbent cloth
  • Weigh filled density cup
  • Calculate density