BGD-660 Automatic Drying Tester for Ink Supplier and Dealer in India

Padding Mangle

BGD 660 Automatic Drying Tester for ink

Automatic Drying Tester for ink is applicable to test the ink drying time. This tester consists of a rotating cylinder, a weight wheel and touch screen. When it work, the rotating cylinder rotates at constant speed, meanwhile the weight wheel moves in line along the cylinder axis at the constant speed. Applicate the sample on the parchment film length is 30cm , then stick the parchment on the rotating cylinder. Move the weight wheel to the starting point cylinder left and set the needed time from 5hours to 20 hours which it go over the whole distance the length of cylinder .If the ink don’t dry completely, then the weight wheel would leave a mark on the parchment blank space, till the test is finish. Obtain the test results by counting the ink traces on the parchment and rotating cylinder working speed.