Automatic Interfacial Tension Tester Supplier and Dealer in India

Padding Mangle

Automatic Interfacial Tension Tester

This instrument is designed with ISO 6295, ISO 1490, ASTMD1417, EN14370 etc Test Methods for Interfacial Tension of Petroleum Products between Oils and Water Ring Methods. It is suitable to determine interfacial tension between mineral oils and water under non-equilibrium conditions (Liquid-liquid interface). It can also be used to determine the surface tension of various liquids liquid-gas interface .platinum plate

Main Features

  • New brushless DC motor Has wider adjustable working speed, ultra-low noise when working avoid electromagnetic
    noise from tradition AC motor .Moreover, DC motor has a feedback system to working speeding and can monitor speed more
  • Touch screen design Setting working parameters become more simple and easy. All state parameters are shown
    directly and clearly, easy to operate.
  • Show directly linear velocity of current dispersing blade, save time to calculate linear velocity by dispersing blade size
    and working speed for operator.
  • New auto location clamping device for container Rotate locking handle to fasten container at the central position
    automatically, safe, simple and convenient
  • High quality one body mixer shaft Made up of high quality 304SS, anti-corrosion and easy to clean
  • Monitor sample temperature With infrared temperature probe, can real-time monitor dispersed sample without
    touching sample. Operator also can set a certain temperature by touch screen for preventing sample changing because of over
    heat generating from milling
  • Timing device for dispersing Operator can set dispersing time, the machine would be stopped automatically when
    arrive this time
  • Can choose arc bottom container with double-layer and sand-mill blades for bead mill.