Automatic Digital Cupping Tester Supplier and Dealer in India

Automatic Digital Cupping Tester

BGD 310 is a automatic cupping tester. On the base of BGD 309, this machines punch can rise automatically at the speed of 0.2mm/s which is required by standard. Eliminate the error coming from hand lifting.Moreover, BGD 310 automatic cupping tester is equipped with a high definition screen , operator can observe clearly thedamages cracking from tested specimen, thus judge test result easily and more precise. It conforms ISO 1520,BS 3900 Part 4,DIN 53166,DIN 53233 etc


  • Punch is lifted automatically Constant speed 0.2mm/s get more reliable and more comparable test results.
  • Automatic coordinate positioning system: machine can memorize the home position after being zeroed, and locate the
    punch position automatically
  • High-power magnifier and high definition showing screen, judging test results is easier and more directly.And no need to
    focus during the whole test.
  • The lifting distance of punch can be set freely from 0 18mm
  • High precision raster displacement sensor, locate accurately and precision can reach 0.01mm
  • The max. width of test panel can be 90mm