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Testing Solution For Facial Mask

Face Mask Ethylene Oxide (EO) Residuals Testing Gas Chromatography

Face Mask Ethylene Oxide (EO) Residuals Testing Gas Chromatography


GC9802-K Face Mask Ethylene Oxide (EO) Residuals Testing Gas Chromatography has a reasonable structure, stable and reliable performance, simple operation and convenient maintenance and it can be widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, pesticides, medicine and health, commodity inspection, environmental protection, universities and other production and scientific research departments. It can be used to detect ethylene oxide and other organic solvents and detects purity or content of a single solvent

Items Technical Parameters
Testing Equipment +Hydrogen Flame Detector(FID) (Optionally equipped with other detectors)
Detector Parameters Detection limit: ≤3 × 10-12g / S (n-hexadecane); baseline noise: ≤2 ×-14A; baseline drift: ≤1 × 10-13 A / 30min.
Chromatographic column Ethylene oxide analysis column 30m × 0.32mm × 0.5um (optional column)
Headspace Sampler 20 PCS
Detector size 240×210×240 mm
Temperature Range Above room temperature 4℃ ~ 450℃ (optional in 1℃ increments)
Temperature Control Accuracy Not more than ± 0.1℃
Temperature Gradient ±1%
Temperature Control Method Six-way temperature control, program heating steps: 16 steps, stroke rate: 0.1~60℃ / min, time setting: 6000 (min)
Standard Ethylene Oxide Standard


  • Practical economy, superior performance and quality
  • The gas path pressure is adjustable and the flow rate is stable. The nitrogen, hydrogen, air, tail gas, split, and cleaning multi-gas path system.
  • LCD display, real-time display temperature.
  • Unit type overall structure design, easy to install and maintain.
  • Advanced noise suppression system for quiet operation.
  • Over temperature automatic protection function, program protection and circuit protection double insurance.
  • With data workstation, professional software support, powerful data analysis functions.
  • Real-time display of working status and chromatography curve; curve can be scaled and moved arbitrarily.
  • Professional test report, can export PDF and other format files.
  • Equipped with a manual key switch, the function is equivalent to the "start acquisition" in the software window, which is convenient for the sample operation.
  • Detector and baseline calibration easy.